Stuart Tourle (be_my_chicago) wrote in essex_playas,
Stuart Tourle

shit's fucked up in the hood

Hey, I live in Chafford Hundred, you guys think you have it bad in your respective parts of essex?
We've had a public suicide and no less than 2(2!!!) murders in the last 3 weeks!
I felt safer when I was living in Basildon!
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Living there must be strange, I imagine. The houses are so close together :/ Public suicide and murder? Hm..
It could be Vange ...

Sounds like a lovely place :S
It's turning into a real shit-hole. Lakeside's following Basildons lead, Allders is shut and apparently they're putting in a giant Primark...
Yeah, a friend used to live there..

She got out as soon as she could.