.:chasing the taste of life:. (taste_of_fate) wrote in essex_playas,
.:chasing the taste of life:.


I joined due to the interests list being hilarious.

I live in Thundersley, how about anyone else?
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i went to seevic in the way back whens. where does thundersley begin and north benfleet end? one of the eternal mysteries of life.
I have that T-Shirt in your icon. Let's be mates/nod knowingly at one another.
Woah, and looking at your journal we also have the same Mars advent calendar. FUCKING HELL.
but was yours purchased on the 2nd december to enable you to buy it for half price? thats the true spirit of giftmas!

i nearly chopped that shirt up in the summer! to think i may have missed out of some kind of possible knowing nodding type situation in southend (or other generic essex town centre) high street ( as opposed to scuttling from one end to another to avoid the chavs). just thinking about it makes me need to go have a lay down and some tablets.
i'm in billericay dont know of thundersley sorry!
south woodham ferrers *stabs eyes*
but thankfully; sheffield in term time now.
You got to Sheffield Uni/Hallam? I'm from Chelmsford and, like you, I wanted Northern delights as well. So I'm in my second year of history at Sheffield Uni.
yeah i'm at Sheffield Uni too. i did make a previous comment but it had a really arsey comment in about Hallam, which was probably undeserved, so i deleted it.
i'm first year, doing Zoology. and i need to stick to my new year's resolution of never going to Kingdom again.
Haha don't worry I don't like Hallam either, the big thickos. And ugh, Kingdom. It's not so much the cheesy clubness of it all that I dislike (I do go to Dukes after all) but the fact that I have to queue more than five minutes for a drink. That makes me angry.

Anyway, merry Christmas and mind if I friend you?
merry christmas to you too, and no, not at all (y)
(be warned- i moan a lot)
Hello...i just joined this community and i live in Brentwood.
Brentwood is good for skiing, spesh as Harlow ski slope got totalled.
Hullo, I've just joined this essex community shibang.

I'm Basildon born and bred, and I hate to think what images that conjures up in most people's heads.

So yeah, I know thundersley pretty well.

The interests list is pissingly funny isn't it :)
Hehe, yes, Basildon is in there with Southend, eh?
oh yes!

i was out in basildon town today.. and erm i can hardly say the reputation is unjustified. you get sniggered at if you *don't* wear chunky medallions and nickelson hoodies.. insane. ah well. roll on university!

steph .x.