Helena <3 (habzamaphone) wrote in essex_playas,
Helena <3

Shhhh... It's a secret!

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that is my FAVOURITE thing in essex. ever.
i used to see it weekly on my way to a chemistry teacher in kelvedon hatch and it made me laugh every time.
I know. I used to see it when I went skiing in Brentwood. Used to crack me up. Must be a US bunker. They're the only one's stupid enough to advertise their "secret" nuclear bunkers.
and that is an amazing icon.
Thank you! It's nice to know someone thinks that. My mate thinks it's seriously disturbing.
the hoff is god

Oh that is disturbing!
Anyone wanting it, please feel free. But also please credit me with it's creation. I've just stumbled upon someone who may have stolen it. =(
i love that sign, i drive past it on the way to/from work and it gets a giggle every time!
It is class! Funniest thing is, I found this pic on my boyfriend's pc, and he thought it was a fake until I told him it was a real sign and that i've seen it.
We had to go there for a school trip!
Lol! Big secret that turned out to be...
Ha ha! Exactly!
If you follow down that road to the church, opposite there's a general shop. That belongs to my great aunt and uncle. :D