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essex_playas's Journal

essex playas - for residents of essex, u.k.
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Welcome to Essex Playas... you'll NEVER leave..

For those of you who live in Essex, love in Essex, or just damn love Essex.

Post anything Essex related - good nightspots, bands playing, bitching about crap things in Essex (surely not?!), or just exalting Essex -

Land of the brave, home of the free.

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Mods - broken_string, alohomoron and victoryhardcore

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as told by lupinlove..

as Socrates once said at the Meno:

"i wish i was from essex, then i'd get to wear white stilettoes and go to 'zeus'"

and in the words of 'that poofter' Horace, walking through the streets of Chelmsford is:

"like walking through the elysian fields with a bit more cement, denim and burberry"

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take the quiz..


5yearold boys with earrings, 6 fingers, army and navy playin', attractive dave, bastardbitch, beating up grungers, beer lariness, billericay, blazin' squad rejects, blur, boy racers, brentwood, bricking windows, burberry caps, central park, chaz'n'dave, chelmsford, chelmsford chieftains, chillin', cider, clacton-on-sea, colchester, costa, court appearances, criminal damage, cruisin' wit da homies, dagenham dave, danbury, danbury fences, danbury ravers, dukes, dunmow, essex, faz, fighting in the streets, ford escorts, getting bottled, giving grief to grannies, gordon, h&m, hair-dryers with wheels, harlow, homegrown bands, incest, inme, lakeside, ongar, parkrats, pre-teen pregnancies, punk, ricky butcher, riverside, romford, rude boys, shabby local bands, sharon and darren, slipped discs 1+2, snakebite black, socks over trousers, southend-on-sea, supporting the scene, sweatbands from topshop, the bay horse, the dole, the job center, the prodigy, tip-ex hats, tiptree jam, trance music, walton-on-the-naze